Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tunguska Fact #4

Off and on over the past decade, I have worked as a barista for various coffee shops and cafes across the country. As a result, I have a fond affection toward coffee. Some have told me that I have an addiction but I've always preferred to think about my caffeine eager habit as more of a stimulating hobby than anything else. I've been drinking the T-Blast a little under a week now. Yesterday I noticed that I forgot to have my morning pot of Major Dickason's Blend. It then occurred to me that it had slipped my mind the day before yesterday too. This morning I woke up determined to get my fix only when I reached for the grinder I realized that I didn't want any coffee. I already felt alert and awake, ready to conquer yet another day in the rat race. The score stands Tunguska Blast! 1, Coffee 0.

I love you gene.

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