Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tunguska Fact #5

When Eugene invented Boboli he asked his sister if she would like to be involved in creating the tasty recipe. 31 years later and she is still baking. However, due to the fact that she has spent the majority of her adult life surrounded by breads, cakes, and cookies, she has developed a rather severe allergy to flour. She has been seeing an allergist for four years now and spends about $400 a month on various treatments and remedies.

A few weeks back when Eugene noticed that he didn't have his usual allergic reaction to the four cats at Mark's house that were pouncing all over his belly and nesting in his lap, curiosity got the better of him and he decided to send a bottle to his sister to see if she might benefit from the effects of Tunguska Blast!. She received the bottle along with a Hallmark greeting card (Eugene thinks Hallmark cards are hilarious) via first class mail the day before she had to complete an order of 13 double layer cakes for the local Mason Lodge's annual gala.

Before she went to sleep that night, Eugene's sister took a shot of Tunguska Blast!, brushed her teeth, and kissed her husband goodnight. The next minoring she woke up well rested and alert. She had breakfast, watered the geraniums, and went to work. Mid afternoon her husband stopped by the bakery, as he often does, to say hello. He noticed immediately that her usual rosy rash that covers her arms without mercy when she working with flour was missing. That was three weeks ago. Eugene's sister is still on the blast, has broken up with her allergist, and is having the best sex of her life (which is really just any sex now that she not covered head to toe in a gross rash).

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